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Software development

Considering the profile and the function, every enterprise is unique, so is the organizational structure and operating, that is why we form your company's system from the development's first moment, co-operating and consulting with each other.


After contacting us, we will discuss your company's needs, then explore your company and its operation, andn prepare the software specification together. To do this your participation is essential! We can be successful only together!
As a next step we will prepare a price offer to you with the details, tasks and exact deadlines.
If you like our offer, we will make a contract and after further discussions the software development part will begin.


During development phase continuous consultancy is needed, so that you receive a tool you need after finishing the project.


After finishing the first version, the fine-tuning of the software development begins, when the software is already created according to the contract, but further modifications could still be needed. In this phase the system can already be used with true data.