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Search engine optimization

When creating a website, it is worth considering using our search engine optimization service. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means how effectively and for which keywords our website appears in the search engine (for example Google). It ' s also important which place of the hit list it is located. We can improve our website's place if we associate it with keywords connecting to the website's content.

Think about how we get information. After using informal information sources (asking friends, neighbours, relatives) most of us try to get information on the internet. If we look for a laundry, a plumber, a good Italian restaurant or car service, what do we do first? Surely we "google" it. Or we try keywords, for example: "good Italian restaurant city center", or " plumber in Szombathely". After typing these keywords we get dozens of matches and information begins to stream us. 90 % of people find what they wanted on the first, maybe on the second page .That's how SEO takes on a meaning: the better place our website has, the more visitors we can gain and the more future customers we will attract. It is easy to understand that our website is useless without visitors.

Based on this, our aim is to optimize our website for some very effective, useful and specific keywords that connect to a topic most. Though most future website-owners think that they are aware of the most keywords connecting to their websites, it is worth leaving the decision to a professional. It has more reasons: a website can be optimized only for limited number of keywords, that is why the professional's experience, knowledge is also needed for defyning keywords. Besides, the keywords' strength and the monthly search number of the words connected to the topic has to be specified and known.

Our company provides you with useful tips and important information regarding mostly searched keywords connected to a topic, and besides, we also give you useful tips regarding a certain keyword's strength. To find the most useful keywords it is good to know, what our competitor does: we find the best keywords suitable for you with analyzing competitors, to help you win the best place in the hit list (match list).