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Webdesign, Graphics

Why are webdesign and graphics important? Simply defined webdesign is your websites's packaging. Similar to other products, when looking at a website packaging, design and graphic elements catch visitors' attention first. We could say that it is your website's sign. The most important goal of a good website is to attract visitors immediately so that they feel they cannot turn a page because they have found what they wanted: the most relevant, most proper and most nicely packed information. The most important criteria of good webdesign is that it is never for its own sake): every single graphic element has its own meaning and role. It is crucial that it reveals the company's profile and is in line with the company's style, profile and is creatively proper and easily transparent. It is also important, that it differentiates us from competitors and emphasizes the important content.

The most relevant element of good webdesign is good graphics: the well-formed graphics raise attention and maintain it with proper movings, colours and effects, too. Besides, it makes orientation on the website easier and provides aesthetic experience, too.

Beyond great graphic elements colours, type of print and layout have emphasis. The website's base colour depends on the topic, the existing elements, the background, too, but the colours' psychological role can be a factor, too (I am sure most of you have already heard that green and lila have a calming effect, yellow energizes and stimulates creativity, blue suggests wisdom and intelligence and red is associated with passion, delight and sometimes nervousness).

The choice of font and colour plays an active role as well: be careful what kind of colour for which background you choose, how the colour of the letter fits the graphics' colour and how easily readable it will be on the different screens.